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Circa 1730

The old stone “Zabriskie House” was built circa 1730 by William Van Voorhees and is believed to be the oldest structure in Wyckoff. The house was also used as a village store and tavern at the time of the Revolutionary War. The well-known house is a classic Jersey Dutch farm house with a Dutch door, classic gambrel room and other features characteristic of this unique style. The family prospered and in 1824, a large addition was built by William’s son Albert when he was 86 years old. Over time, apple orchards and dairy farming became major occupations in addition to growing grain, corn, potatoes, grapes and table crops. Uriah Quackenbush purchased the property in 1867. Uriah and Keziah had at least 3 children but only one who survived to adulthood, John. John died as a young adult and his daughter Grace was raised by her grandparents. Grace married Judge John Zabriskie. During her lifetime Grace restored the house and filled it with period antiques and furnishings. She also established three classic formal gardens. When Mrs. Zabriskie died in 1973, she left the house and property to the Township for the people of Wyckoff. The house is open to the public during house tours.